Tests test_module.py where is it?

I am reading a mention to a test_module.py to test the our programs but I don’t know where that file is.

I am a bit confused what do we have to do with it? I imagine apply whatever test is in those module.py to our programs. But I don’t know where are they so I am sending my results without those tests.
I’ve done Arithmetic and Time_Calculator, which seem to work with "my " manual tests.

I hope you can help me to undestand what to do to test and where is the file.

Thank you!

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Challenge: Budget App

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After clicking link to the starter code there should be few files in the started project, one of them is test_module.py. If you run project with main.py file, the test module will be automatically used to check whether your code fulfills project requirements.

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Thank you.

Finally we should send the link of only our Budget.py, or the whole folder (with main and budget.py), or implement budget.py in boiler_plate and then send that folder?

I was doing it wrong, I was complicating things too much :)… I was creating budget.py and then updating main.py in order to test budget.py. I also did similar things to the two previous exercises.

Again thank you very much!

Link to the whole replit, yes.

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