Text above an element (solved, I think

Hi guys,

My page If you look at the bottom of my page, I want the ‘more of my work’ text to appear above the 3 buttons.

If the text is placed above the buttons in the HTML it sticks to the top of the page, I can get it in the correct place by using ‘position: relative’ however as the page moves, the text takes no notice of the buttons.

I don’t want to settle for having the text below. Why is the page doing this when the text is on top in HTML but not bottom?

Long story short, I want the text to do exactly what it’s doing right now (responsive or otherwise), just 10px~ above the buttons.

[EDIT] I think I solved it, instead of using % on the buttons, I used pixels. Now there position is fixed, along with the text above it.

I guess it issue was mixing % with px.