Text Alternative to Img Problem

This seems easy and straight forward, but the tests don’t pass. What am I doing wrong?

My code:

img src=“doingKarateWow.jpeg” alt=“K-A Karate Master”

Can you link the exercise and also paste your full-code?

Here’s the exercise link: https://learn.freecodecamp.org/responsive-web-design/applied-accessibility/add-a-text-alternative-to-images-for-visually-impaired-accessibility

Full code is above. Just a one-liner with the addition of the alt attribute.

<img src="doingKarateWow.jpeg" alt="K-A Karate Master">

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Only you can see your code on the challenges. For the rest of us, you must copy/paste the code into a reply using the instructions I posted above. Next time, just use the Ask for Help button located on the challenge and it will auto-populate the code to a new post and already have the url of the challenge.

<img src="doingKarateWow.jpeg" alt="K-A Karate Master">

If you are not passing the challenge with the code you posted, then it could be the browser you are using does not support newer features which Free Code Camp uses on it’s site. Try using Chrome to work through these challenges.