Text on top of images Css Grid


I am trying to get the text over my images on this website but I cannot figure out why it will not work. I want it on top of the picture I have on my website saying welcome to my site. What am I doing wrong? Thank you!

Why don’t you give it a z-index:9999; for now? I think there is a way to solve it without using z-index. Why don’t you check out this link? It uses a white color for the text so that it shows on top of the picture.

Hope I helped. Happy Coding!

do yo mean you are trying to use the image as a background image? You need to declare your background image in your CSS not use an image tag.

The picture I have of the Html codes on my website. I would like to put text on top of that. I can’t seem to get it to do it.

Did you check my link?

HTML is a cascading language, you need to put things in order of appearance. Move your image tag below the text.