Text-primary class not working in h1 tag

.Hello friends!
I am working on “Build tribute page” challenge and I am running across a strange problem, that is, the" text-primary" class of bootstrap is working fine with all tags except for the

tag. I want the name" Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam" to be in blue using the text-primary class but its not working, although it worked just fine for the

tag.Please give ur valuale suggestions.
Screenshot (33)

Your problem is that your H1 tag is within your Jumbotron DIV which defines the H1 color.
To override this there are a few options, but here is my solution:

.jumbotron h1{
    color: #02A3EA;

This within CSS will select the H1 element within the jumbotron class and color it to the HEX equivalent to text-primary within the Bootstrap FrameWork.
Hope this makes sense.

Edit: Link to the Pen for Everyone


But so is my h3 tag.