Text Stuck In Strong

I’m working on my first HTML project, the Tribute page, and it’s going well. But I seem to have an issue where all my paragraph text is stuck on strong. Also I cannot seem to remove the final dot that marks list entries even though I have no entry for said dot. How would I fix that? https://codepen.io/Smellbringer/pen/wvzKwKP


You haven’t closed the li tag, instead it created a new li tag(which is empty list item, but creates a new list entry)

I’m unable to understand what this means.

Why don’t you enclose the value for attributes in the double quotes.
Also there are lots of stray tags…
Run your html under Validator at W3C Validator

The @Smellbringer is saying that the all paragraph text is in bold. but i have not given any bold tags.
What to do?
I = @Smellbringer

This problem must be due to stray tags…

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What kind of tags would be stray in this scenario?

You don’t need to nest <p> tags in <h3> tags. The <h3> tag is a heading tag, which will make the text look bold. The <p> tag is for your main content.

I hope that makes sense.


@mukeshgurpude Thank you, didn’t realize that.

@cherylm That’s what the issue was, thank you.