Textarea size and writing issue

I’m having an issue with my textarea box.
I cannot make be taller. It seems to remain as a single line, whatever I do.
-I have tried adding rows="" and cols="" into the HTML to no avail.
-I have also tried a min-height in my CSS, that makes the box bigger but the text starts in the middle left of the box as opposed to the top left.
-An issue I am having, is also that the text does not go to the next line when writing in the comment box. It just goes right and the beginning of the comment disappears.

I get the feeling that some of the previous CSS is intefearing, but I cannot figure it out.
Please find the project here.
Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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Hello there,

Something to look out for is syntax errors:

<label for="comments">Comments<label/>

Otherwise, perhaps you are thinking about the textarea element, because input elements do not have a type='textarea'?

Hope this helps


God, I feel dumb!
Coding is so humbling sometimes…

I really appreciate your help! Thanks Sky020!