Thank You For Everything

Not asking for any help on any classwork, gotten more confident with new challenges along the way, just want to take a moment to appreciate the founder and team behind this incredible platform.

I trade messages with the founder on Twitter and he is so humble, ready to listen and encourage even as he is inspiring.

Almost wrapping up CSS, hope to be done with Python for Penetration Testing before the end of the year, hopefully, if I don’t get too occupied with work and life.

Once again, thank you. Really. From the bottom of my heart. This platform is literal gold!


I have not had the opportunity to message the founder but I share your sentiment. This is quite life changing and the founder has given us such a gift. Deeply grateful.

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Quincy is the nicest guy. I’m glad that freeCodeCamp has been helpful to you. I look forward to seeing you around more.

Happy coding!