Thank you, freecodecamp community. Female mom, 35

Hi there!
You might be curious, why I"ve specified my gender and age in the topic header. A month ago I"ve decided to change my carrer and started to study coding. Big deal, huh :wink: It WAS a big deal for me.
I"m from Russia, I am a self learning person. I started 2 cources at one time- Solo Learn HTML5 basics and Web programming basics on russian learning platform Stepic. It was cool on SoloLearn. I was studying, reading forum, coding and I’ve earned my first certification there. Way to go, sis))
The second course, a russian one, was also ok. I was learning, making progress… There we have that telegram chat for everyone who studies on this course. And guess what I"ve heard there? Yep, babe, we"ll talk about sexism in Russian IT now. “Women can” t code, they are stupid monkeys"- that was quite kind words from everything I"ve heard there. From the male listeners of the course I"ve learned that I can"t discuss code with them cause they are men they are always right. I can"t say anything at all if male listeners didn"t give me their permission to speak. I can"t say a word about any woman-human rights. I must be thankful cause males LET ME stay in the study chat. Today I finally asked chat admin (he is one of the authors of the course) if he is ok with sexism and bullshit in his study chat. He"s ok. As he said" it was just a joke with a very smaaaall piece of sexism". Really? #id=“sexism-is-not-a-joke”
And now I came to thanks. Thank you, freecodecamp community for being so friendly for everyone- female, male, for ppl of different age and abilities. You guys really help to ruin the gender gap in IT. I feel it on my own skin, that women still have to fight for their basic right for studying. In 21 sentury we still have to fight even in studying IT. And that doesn’t make any sense cause we all use our brains and hands for coding, not our genitals.
Here on freecodecamp I see no sexism, no agism, no any f…ng ism, that can totally ruin someone’s life.
I feel very optimistic after joining this community. I was studying and reading carefully all my first month. I love coding, I see it everywhere, I evolved my 3,6 year old daughter to coding (and she’s already made her first simple “hello, world” website with color css features. Would I quit coding if I would study only on that Russian platform? Definitely no. I’m pretty rough person. But just imagine how many women DID quit. Sexism is a hard thing to deal with, you know. Of course there will be a huge gender gap in IT. But I believe, we can fix this bug together.


Sorry you have had to experience that. But you are right you will not find that crap here. I think it is awesome you are teaching your daughters. I have a 7 year old and a five year old, so I understand that you are doing this for yourself and for them> It sounds rather scary as hell though, because at the end of the day you will still be facing that in the job market. All I can suggest is let your code speak for you. Regardless of what ignorant people might think you can’t argue against good code.

Wish you the best.

ps. Your English is amazing, I am so embarrassed by the fact that most Americans can only speak one language (and not very well most of the time)

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Thank for your support! Yeah, I understand thar I"ll face lots of crap after education while applying for a job and further while working. And you are totally right that I do it for myself and for my daughter (she is 3 years 6month old, sorry for misunderstanding with 2kids). I must show her, that you can reach all the goals no matter how hard it is. And I"m pretty encouraged when I see lots of “relocation” marks in vacancies heh :))

Just keep at it and don’t give up. You are heading in the right direction but the world is full of people who will only try to bring you down.

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Btw learning foreign languages is a great exercise for your brain. Even if you spend like half an hour a day dealing with it, you activate a huge amount of cells. I speak 3 languages- Russian, English and Ukrainian. And I start to study Spanish in a week. I can help you with studying russian or ukrainian if you want :slight_smile:

Yo ablo Español, buena suerte.

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La nina come la manzana)) Tu bebes leche. And that"s all I know in Spanish for now😂

You are still beating me by two languages so very impressive

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I might just have to do that, It would be awesome to speak Russian. Funny story I do not look like your typical Hispanic so most people thought my accent was either Russian or East German. I’m like nope you are way way off.