Thank you freeCodeCamp staff & volunteers!

Ok, so I have taken several courses online thus far, some which I paid a pretty penny for. I have to say, this is by far the best laid out, most well thought through, and best technology infrastructure for learning I have taken thus far.

Thank you to the entire team at freeCodeCamp for your hard work and effort. As a former Director of Technology and later Director of Development for a large international non-profit I know the challenge you all face in helping others while securing donations and operating funds. I am gladly a donor now, and do not see that ever ceasing.

Again, THANK YOU for all you are doing for the coding community and for countless new coders who will no doubt enter the field due to your efforts.




Thank you for your kind words and for helping support Free Code Camp!

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as someone trying to learn i feel video tutorials on freecodecamp are really awesome ā€¦ and more and more people should support FCC ! both financially and in other ways possible !

Thanks for sharing your experience !

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Best organization ever, I mean the best people.

Education is very expensive but FCC provides actual no cost, WOW! Every other sites have free trials of intro sections or limited by time . You see, Iā€™m broke af and you guys helped me out a lot, thanks again.

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