Thank You To Quincy

Hi Quincy, I want to thank you for creating this site. I took a programming class in high school but like an idiot the first time I tried to go to college, I tried a different path. After that failure, I bought a book at a bookstore on C++ and game programming. I then paid for a class through the Game Institute. After that, someone gave me a book on C#. I do like C# better than C++, but I was lost after reading those books. Then I discovered your site and cs50. Two of the best courses out there. I am almost done with the responsive design section, but like everyone else here I am fighting work, college, and life in general. I didn’t want to wait until I was done with the course to build a site, so I used Django and python to build a site. Sorry, I know you teach Node but I was able to learn Django and Python faster. Thank you Quincy for building this great site and giving me a road map to follow.


Sure thing. I’m glad you found these courses helpful.

I am just a small part of this global community of developers, creating free learning resources.

We are just getting started. And we hope to eventually have some more C# and C++ courses as well. be sure to check out the YouTube channel which does have full-length courses on these.

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