[Thank You] What should I do for the last project?

Hello to everyone :smile: Probably the whole world have done this question, but I have to do it: more or less how much time I’ve before the beta goes in production?

Because I’ve completed all the challenges except the last ( Pinterest Clone ) in the back end module to get the certificate. After all the hard work I’ve done it’s dishearten to lost the certificate only for the last challenge. I’m doing it right now, but to finish it I would spend one or two weeks ( EDIT: In 2/3 Days i’ve done it! I was too pessimist )

Can I submit the link to the app & git repo in the challenge to get the certificate and finish the work with my deadlines? Or I have to put together some ugly code to make the work in less time?

Thanks for your time, and, as always, sorry for my english :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hello world! In the end, I’ve done this project as fast as possible and was good!

Now I’ve officially finished all three certificates:

Thanks to @QuincyLarson and to all community to have build all this!
I’m start my journey in freeCodeCamp in september, but I’ve already knew CSS\Sass\PHP\MySQL\jQuery and basic JavaScript ( not ES6 ). and now I’ve learned React, Redux, Node, MongoDB, D3, ES6 new features and a lot of other things! AMAZING!

while ( true ) print ('Thank You');