Thanks Everyone

I’m a 17 year old Highschool student from India.
I love programming and computers in general and I wanted to be a
developer but because I’m not so good at maths and studies in general
I thought I will never become a developer and Then I discovered FFC
and I saw two article about self taught Indian developer who got their first job
without any collage degree and that gave me some confidence that I can
be a developer even if I’m not good at studies so I did all FFC projects and practice programming daily and In a few months I can say I’m proficient in full stack development.
I have made two big projects one from a udemy course and one by my self

  1. Ecommerce App
    git :
  2. Insta clone

But the second one is like my child. My proudest creation which I made without any tutorial and anyone’s help.
I’m about to graduate Highschool and now I’m looking forward to start freelancing while persuing BSC(or mayby BCA) in collage.
Thanks everyone for helping me when I was a total beginner ya’ll are precious to me

It took me around 6 months from beginner to current level because I’ve already known about computers, os and basic programming because I’m a linux user


Hey @siddharthroy36912!

Your projects looks good!

Try to create a logo (don’t use insta logo or similar to that)

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