Thanks to FCC, I just got accepted to App Academy

Solving through the intermediate algorithms module was the best thing I could do to prepare for the technical interviews at App Academy.

As you can see from my profile (, I started FCC on June 16th. I dabbled around with C when I was in elementary school, but nothing in depth. I hadn’t touched coding at all until 3 months ago when I just started bulldozing through the FCC exercises. I quickly realized that I absolutely love this, and decided to become a programmer.

I thought about continuing to self study, but after speaking to some friends who are actually programmers and a lot of them spoke very highly of App Academy. They also told me that they have hired great coders from AA and they have been awesome. Hack Reactor is the other top coding school, but it didn’t align with my finances.

When I applied, I immediately breezed through their initial technical application without a sweat because of what I have learned from FCC. The live coding interview was a little bit harder, but nothing difficult if you solve through their problem exercises. (Btw, I did both interviews in Javascript). One week later, I got the acceptance letter.

Btw, holy crappers, AA prepwork is a good deal harder and more advanced than anything I have encountered so far. This is mandatory work before starting the class, so it makes me happy that I will be delving into some real hardcore coding while I’m at AA.

My class starts in December, and I thank FCC so much for showing me what my true passion is. I have been recommending FCC to everyone that has any interest in coding, because it might change someone’s life just like it has changed mine.

I <3 <3 <3 FCC


Congratulations! I’m glad that being a camper helped you, and I’m excited for your future success!

I’m studying to apply to app academy and i was wondering, what topics in FCC(ruby/algorithms/exercises) specifically helped you through the app academy application process?

I’m happy to see you were able to learn a lot from freeCodeCamp and I hope that App Academy works out well for you :slight_smile: