That worked, but there is still a little space on the right of the price

Step 40

That worked, but there is still a little space on the right of the price.

You could keep trying various percentages for the widths. Instead, use the back space key on your keyboard to move the p element with the class price next to the p element with the class flavor so that they are on the same line in the editor. Make sure there is no space between them.

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Please paste your code here.
On a new line add three backticks.
Then on the next line paste your code.
On the line after your code add 3 more bacticks. Here is one backtick (`)

hai sir i don’t understand this step could explAIN THIS


We need to see your code to assist you


French Vanilla


You have pasted your code here, but you have not wrapped it on backticks. If you are finding it difficult to wrap it in backticks, select your whole code and click on this button

          <article class="item">     
<p class="flavor">French Vanilla</p>
            <p class="price">3.00</p>

Yes, you got it.
Great job on your code aswell.
So both your p elements need to be on the same line not on different lines.
Example: <p>text</p><p>text</p>

thats why i am asking why i give like this

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This step is part of a sequence which shows how to align elements using both class selectors and spacing.

Sometimes the steps are confusing and difficult to comprehend.

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