The Advanced Solution of "Pig Latin" can cause a endless loop

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The Advanced Solution of “Pig Latin” can cause a endless loop
if you input a word without vowels,the while will not stop logically,although it actually stops.

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// function translatePigLatin(str) {
//   if(/[aeiou]/.test(str[0])){
//     return str= str +"way"
//   }else if(!/[aeiou]/g.test(str)){
//     return str= str +"way"
//   }else{
//   return str.replace(/(\w*?)(?=[aeiou])(.*)/,"$2$1ay");
//   }
// }

function translatePigLatin(str) {
    var strArr = [];
    var tmpChar;

    function isConsonant(char) {
        return !/[aeiou]/.test(char);

    if (!isConsonant(str.charAt(0)))
        return str + "way";
        strArr = str.split("");

    while (isConsonant(strArr[0])) {
        tmpChar = strArr.shift();

 return strArr.join("")+"ay";

// test here

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Your while loop condition is always met, because the first character is a consonant. Why? Because you are only pushing consonants back on to the end of strArr when the entire string is made of consonants.

But isn’t that what @hugetiny is talking about? The Advanced Solution as presented on the Get a hint page will end up in the endless loop if a string with no vowels is passed to the function.

I believe the correct solution should be:

function translatePigLatin(str) {
  let strArr = [];
  let tmpChar;
  const vowels = /[aeiou]/i;

  function isConsonant( char, vowels = /[aeiou]/i ) {
    return !vowels.test( char );

  if ( !isConsonant( str[0] ) )
    return str.concat('way');
  else if ( vowels ) === -1 )
    return str.concat('ay');
    strArr = str.split('');
  while ( isConsonant( strArr[0] ) ) {
    tmpChar = strArr.shift();
    strArr.push( tmpChar );
    return strArr.join('').concat('ay');

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