The advantage of fCC not teaching you everything?

There are a lot of complaints about fCC not teaching you everything you need to get through every challenge, that there is a lot of student frustration with feeling like we don’t have all the information.

One obvious answer is that it is a (still developing) free service and you get what you pay for.

But one could argue that it is a good thing. When you are a professional programmer, you will not know everything. And when your boss (who may or may not be a coder) comes to you with something s/he needs, s/he isn’t going to spoon feed you what you need to know. *OK, you’ll need this framework so here are a few tutorials I wrote up for you last night and here is a sample project. And this is the ajax API you’ll need, but the documentation is spotty so here is the information you’ll need."

No, they’re just going to say, “this is what we want, find a way to make it work.” You won’t even know if it’s possible sometimes, but you’ll have to find a way.

I wonder if training that held your hand through each step of every build and pointed you to every iota of info you need would be doing you a disservice. In the real world, how good you are at figuring things out is as important as what you know.


Hear! Hear!

Being a developer, you also never stop learning. It’s like the finish line always keeps getting moved ahead.