The App Expert, any knowledge of this company?

Hello Everyone,

After a useless OU Degree in IT Computing and Design, I have kept doing self development through and maybe because of that I came in contact with a company called The App Experts.

I have researched them and they have quite checked reviews on Glassdoor . Things I read are: you are bound for two years or repay the training, they doctor your CV sell you as senior but pay you as junior or trainee and then you are found out; but also some people that say it is an ok place to start a career.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyojne of you ever heard about the company itself or of any other companies working in that way and your experience or opinion about.

Thank you in advance

I haven’t heard of this company, but that sounds sketchy, to be honest.

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Nothing about that sounds legitimate. Employers pay you, you don’t pay them. Agreeing to help you lie on your resume is not remotely a good thing. (Fun fact, if you get hired based on lies on your resume you are guilty of fraud and can end up paying a lot of money. Just don’t.)


Thank you Jeremy, I have mixed feelings

Thank you Ariel,

That’s useful