The Archetype Design Pattern

Hello Everyone,

I want to share you my Medium project. My plan is to create 1 Post per week about some good practices that I found using Angular.

In my first serie I’m talking about a design pattern that I develop during my last year.

Link to the publication:

The order of the publication is:

  1. The Archetype Component Pattern:
  2. The Container Component.
  3. Archetypes: Using services.

If you like it, please share it. If you have question or want to give me some feedback, go a head and write it down.


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Dear Cristian,

Thank you so much for sharing your article with us. I’m not a Angular expert and fan, but as I had some minute reading your article, it looks promising.

I also suggest you color your syntax on your page using a free js syntax color like shjs.

Thank you for helping people here, sharing your experiences, and prising the code. I really appreciate it.

Keep going on great work, god, nature, coffee and code bless us all. happy programming.

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You’re Welcome, I’ll check how to add write better syntax code in the post. Thanks for the feedback.