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yourArray should be an array.
yourArray should be at least 5 elements long.
yourArray should contain at least one boolean .
yourArray should contain at least one number .
yourArray should contain at least one string .

I’m not understanding how the website is saying that there’s no boolean, string, or numbers. I checked my work with the if…else and the .length just to make sure I was on track. Any help would be much appreciated!
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let yourArray = [{a: false},{j: 2},{r : 'Yellow'},{red: 'red'},{john : 'Big J'}];

if (yourArray === true) {
} else {
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Challenge: Use an Array to Store a Collection of Data

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Hello @penncreative

Every element in yourArray is an object and the challenge is expecting a boolean, a string, and a number. Try inserting a boolean, a string, or a number value outside the object.


Thank you! That was it!

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