The Background Images in the Projects


I am finalizing the projects from the Responsive Web Design Course and I have some questions.

Where can I find background images that I can use for my projects like the ones used by FreeCodeCamp? I am referring to url’s where there are images that I can use as a background. I am using CodePen and I do not know how to add background images. It looks like the only way is to use urls.

Thank you.


there are free services where you can find pictures, like Unsplash.

Is that what you mean?

just go to unsplash as mentiond @ilenia and choose the image you like then right click your mouse and copy the image address and paste in url then you will see your favourite image

for example :

code for above image is :

<img src=""  >

Thank you for your reply
I did not mean linking in the html.
I am referring to the site whee I am doing the projects.
I want to add a background image to the css code like in the example of the form created by FreeCodeCamp. They used background-image and have an url as a value with a website in parentheses.
I am looking for images that I can link to. FreeCodeCamp used a cdn link.

you can use the links of the images from unsplash

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