The Basic Principles of Web Design: The Colour Psychology + Moodboard Tutorial

Ah yes, Andy Clarke also did a video on this as well! It was really good and I felt so inspired by the idea of incorporating editorial layouts into web design. The video is long, but it’s definitely worth a watch! :slight_smile:

I will definitely be reading the post you have provided as I have great love for editorial design. Thank you for this!

Thank you for providing me with this link to the Andy Clark video. I will take a look.

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This is a great article! All of the meanings behind each colour makes sense. I’ll be using this as a reference for when I design web pages from now on :slight_smile:

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I am so happy to hear this! Thank you! :blush:

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This is such a good, detailed post. I love it! Thanks for writing this

Great article. I also strongly recommend β€œDesign for hackers” by David Kadavy. It gives you a lot of knowledge about colours, typography, composition and others.

Fascinating! And good to know!

Nice article and interesting