The best learning site for an a absolute beginner (like me)

So I’m a beginner,like very beginner (just starting to learn about HTML) and I’ve seen a lot of reviews and articles about the best site to learn coding and I’m stuck between FCC and codeacademy, as I heard codeacademy is good for beginners and has Disjointed lessons/modules without bringing the student back to the “big picture” or “why do I need to know this” and FCC is also very good but Transitions from one lesson to the next may not be as smooth sometimes. and although this is an FCC forum but I want the experts to answer me honestly about What’s the best site to learn coding for a beginner who doesn’t know anything?
Should I go with FCC or Codeacademy ? or start with Codeacademy and then FCC ?

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I did the tutorials in Codecademy, Khanacademy and w3schools before moving to FCC.

The path you choose to learn is very personal. I liked doing the exercises in those sites to consolidate my knowledge. Without spaced repetition, I would have soon forgotten most of what I have learned.



Hey @AmineRules,
What i would recommend is that you take some beginner tutorial somewhere for html and css and then continue with FCC. Just don’t get overwhelmed if you don’t get tutorial you start with in full detail.
Just try get yourself familiar with syntax and other simple basics. And then come back here on FCC and kick start the challenges. You will feel at ease when doing FCC then and you can always come back here if you need help with FCC challenges or anything else.
Here is something to get you started with:

Hope this helps.
All the best.

I think that FCC is much, much better than codecademy.

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This is very useful and insightful for a beginner like me… Thank you for sharing

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Absolutely helpful, thanks a lot.