The biggest failure

I’m now going to say I can’t code.
I’ve been on codepen, js fiddle, VsCode , and pluralSight.
I’ve watched hours of video and did countless courses online, including freeCodeCamp. there so many ways to build a calculator and I can’t any of them to work. I GIVE UP!

too frustrated to do anything…

My Calculator

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Challenge: Build a JavaScript Calculator

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I mean you at least strugling am stuck on how to install fakin jQuery for like 2 weeks.
And no reason to give up. Try do something else. Calculator is useless anyway. JavaSript is really big. Am sure you will find something that will be interesting and relaxing.Just giving up for good sounds bad.

its the project for the class I have to do it.
I hate it .

I can’t even look at it. I get pissed I need a mentor.