The Challenge "Selecting from many options with Switch Statements" is pretty hard to understand

I think this is the first lesson that explained poorly it might need to be redone its the first one where I had to research other sources and without them I don’t think it would be possible to do the challenge.

If you would like to make specific suggestions for how a challenge can be improved, please do so. You can even create a GitHub Issue and then submit the fix yourself.

One thing to keep in mind is that it is expected that you will have to use outside sources in order to complete FCC. Learning how to find and use these sources is honestly one of the most important skills a developer must have.

Yeah, some of the stuff can seem a little underexplained. I had to go to the internet for more research on some things.

Yeah, switch statements look weird, The following pseudo code is provided:

switch (num) {
  case value1:
  case value2:
  case valueN:

And you are asked to implement this:

1 - "alpha"
2 - "beta"
3 - "gamma"
4 - "delta"

So, in your function you are going to switch on those numbers (those will be the values in the pseudocode.) And those strings (“alpha”, etc.) are what you will assign to answer in the statements.

Give it a shot. Show us your code if you’re having problems so we can help.

Yea it was no problem to find the solution just wanted to give a heads up that it might be confusing

Again, if you can point out specific changes to wording or the example that would make it less confusing then that can potentially be acted upon.