The code editor doesn't like capitalized functions

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This is not really a problem with the exercise. I noticed that the code editor underlines the first word of a function in green if it’s capitalized.
Since we learned that the convention is to capitalize the first letter of constructor objects, this is bothering me because I don’t like to see those underlined letters in my code! (I apologize for my OCD-type complaint - thank you for this wonderful course, I am really enjoying it!)

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function House(numBedrooms) {
this.numBedrooms = numBedrooms;

// Only change code below this line

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Challenge: Verify an Object’s Constructor with instanceof

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can you show a screenshot? I don’t see it happening

Is this what you mean?

The color is just syntax highlighting to differentiate between normal functions and constructors. The color itself depends on the theme used by the editor.

The three dots is a hint I believe. But they are turned off in the fCC editor so you can’t see it when you hover on the constructor name. This is what I get in VS Code when hovering the name.

function House(numBedrooms: any): void

This constructor function may be converted to a class declaration.ts(80002)

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Yes! This is what I meant! I thought those three dots were underlining an error, they look like the red ones you get when you make a syntax mistake, but in green. Understood then, thank you!

Thanks everyone, I’ve created an issue to track this - it’s definitely not intended behaviour.