The code editor won't submit some of my code , is the code editor at fault?

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Ok so i am using the ternary operator “?” and for some reason after i wrote it out the first time, it wouldn’t submit so i compared notes with the “Hints” section and it was the same. i even copied and pasted it in the FreeCodeCamp editor and its still producing errors and wont submit - any thing l need to change below or is it the editor simply at fault?

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function checkEqual(a, b) {
  return (a = b ? true : false);

checkEqual(1, 2);

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Remember the difference between the equality operator and the assignment operator.

Gotcha was thinking that as well, first time i had used (===) and it had given me an error so figure when l changed “True” to “true” and left “=” - it worked thanks a lot!