The code is written in js, but does not run, but there is a launch file

Hello! Need help - the code is written in js, but does not run, but there is a launch file. Please help!
P.S. How can I attach a zip file (all code) here?

You can download 7-zip. It allows to do alot, just R or L click a file or folder and scroll down for options.

Download (

Does not work. Can I send you this zip file so you can attach it here?

Please use GitHub to share code.

It looks like React using the Wasp framework.

Did you install Node and all the dependencies and run the start or build script?

Doesn’t run in Node either (updated version). That’s why I want to attach a zip file, it’s a large amount of code.

As I said, use GitHub.

You do understand it is library code that must be compiled.

Install Wasp and then run wasp start in the terminal from inside the root folder. It looks like it requires WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) if you are on Windows.

Can anyone provide their email address so I can send a zip file (of the entire code)? And then post this zip file (all code) here.

We don’t generally do private tutoring, no. Please use GitHub to post your code

no one can do this, so please stop asking to send code to anyone else, and create a GitHub repo to share your code