The Coding Journey Begins!

Greeting Everyone,
I am a second year student in college pursuing my engineering in Electronics
I have not found electronics to be my interest or whether it might be because of the way they teach here.
I have started to like coding and the lives of coder in vlogs
I learned somethings about the very basics of computer, Computer Architecture where it tells how computer works on Binary and 1 means high voltage and 0 means low value of voltage
Started to found the teaching of the people and subject interesting and since a lot of content is available
I would love to understand the language of computers and getting a job is also a priority but most importantly I would like to fall in love with coding.
To every reading this, firstly Glad to meet you my friend do suggest me things that might be useful for me to gain interest in coding and do take out your precious time to guide me , a complete beginner into the world of coders
my background I know how to write “hello world” in C and C++, yeah you got that right I am on that level (below the baseline), I know the importance of DSA data structure and algorithm and it seems quite fun because it promotes problem solving skills and being from mathematics background would love to hone my problem solving skills once again.

Will post my journey here will start learning web development, because in the past I have tried learning few languages but since I didn’t use them or applied to the real world didn’t had fun with it and then quit it half way through.
So, I wanna dive into Web development and try to make actual progress which is visible and try to make projects so I gain interest in it ! (Hope its the right move)

Thank you for reading this far

Arigato Sensei !