The coding newbie

Hi all, I’ve relatively new on this path. I’m currently working my way through the cafe menu and really enjoying ticking off the challenges set. However, I’m not sure all the info is sinking in and sticking. Will continually ploughing through the coding tasks ultimately start to stick?


Hey man, I had the same doubts when I started!!

I would recommend having some notebook in which you write down any new thing that comes in your way. Later on, when you get to the projects you’ll be kind of trying to remember how things were done and you can get back to your notes. Once you get the projects done I’d say a fair amount of the knowledge starts to stick!

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Thanks for the advice and speedy reply

Go slow and pay attention to what you are doing. Think critically about the code you are reading and writing. And keep going. There are a lot of things that you’ll have to look up several times before you remember them well, but the best way to really get this stuff to make sense and stick is to keep using it in new and interesting ways.

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Yeah agreed.
I too am new, although I’m 3/4 through the Responsive Web Design Course right now.
I listen to Newbie web dev podcasts and more general audiobooks as well which helps get your mind around everything.
I will say it does start to stick after you’ve done it 100 times.
Even if you don’t think it is. Eventually it will kind of click and you’ll begin to understand whole sections.
Also, looking up thigs you don’t remember/understand along the way (like selectors and elements and what-not helps.). That 80% practical 20% theory will help it all make sense. is a very good quick refernce. Every time you come accorss something or whatever, they give you a whole rundown on every use of an element or attribute.

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