The common development patterns among various tech stacks

The process of software development involves several steps that are like milestones. When you study software development you learn topics like agile methodologies, waterfall model of software development etc… these models guide your software development process in a deterministic fashion.

Next comes the design aspects that need to be considered to develop a reliable, scalable and user friendly interface. Security is another major concern that would ensure that your product meets security standards acceptable by the industry.

Once your design is matured enough you can develop the product while doing proper unit testing and integration testing. Testing your features and design standards ensure that your software would be manageable.

A stage comes when your product is functional and it’s ready for beta testing. Now, you’re in business.

This topic is to discuss the resources that enable you to think like a solutions architect and a software architect.

Please feel free to share your resources and inputs.

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I am working on a Spring Framework based web application. We narrowed down on Spring Boot framework because it has many pre cooked and tested modules that can be quickly integrated into a framework that our business logic can make use of without worrying about software development standards.
Spring boot has testing, data modeling, massaging services, security etc… taken care of. Spring framework, which is the foundation of spring boot facilitates rapid application development of enterprise quality.

There is another advantage of using Spring framework. This framework is based on Java and Java is a widely used language. This ensures that finding skilled programmers is relatively easier.

I am planning to use the development fundamentals of Spring Framework and find corresponding features in node.js to build the personal software I am working on.

I am just intrigued by the development strategy of node.js. and I believe the community around JavaScript has grown quite big in the recent past.
I am planning to launch it like an open source project. People who are interested to contribute can show interest through this forum, I would be happy to share the model.

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Do you think that working with a good development framework improves your ability to think like an architect? Please elaborate.

Please answer this question on quora too for broader perspective.