The content is stacking over one another

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The navbar and main content is overlapping themselves
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Challenge: Build a Technical Documentation Page

Link to the challenge: is my code

Hi @furqzain000 !

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It looks like you forgot to post a link to your project

Hey man. Try ClearFix

Please click on “This is my code” at the end of the text

One option would be to use the margin left property for the main content.

There’s a few ways to achieve this layout. The example project sets the navbar to fixed (something I wouldn’t recommend), and moves the main content to the right with a margin-left that’s equal to the navbar’s width.

You have a grid layout, which is definitely the better approach, but instead of fixed, use sticky for positioning.

EDIT Forget what I said, you need fixed to keep the navbar in view. @jwilkins.oboe already gave the right answer.

It did work. thanks…

Got it …thanks a lot!!

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