The CS Python course

Hello. I am currently watching the Scientific Computing with Python videos. I was under the impression (going by the single quiz question below each video) that these videos would be an intro to Python. The instructor is going at lightning speed.

Am I supposed to be pausing the videos every 5 seconds and writing out the code? Or will this lightning-quick intro lead to more comprehensive quizzes and problems to solve?


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the curriculum is considered as a linear course, so at that point, after doing the JS cert, one should be familiar with a lot of basic programming concepts, and so it is more about getting to know the different syntax, and the differences in how the language works

if you are doing it as a complete beginner to programming, you are better having something open to try on your own what is being told (like and also find documentation to consult as needed (like or the official Python Website)


“slo-mo” every video bruh… lol I mean it depends of how you learn, I personally like to know “what-heck is going on” and “what-is-what” before moving forward. So I try to make Concise Notes (easy, brief, explicit notes) with anything and everything I know I will forget or not get right now, so I can reference back to it.

It’s a matter of personal choice in how you learn and understand what’s being explained. You see you might get the “familiarity-effect” which is that you might think you “know” or “get”/“understand” what is being presented, but then after a while a question is asked or an exercise is thrown at you and you got no idea how to start and solve it…

So yes, make sure you get and understand whatever is that is being explained before moving on, I rather go slow and steady than fast and weary lol

Happy Codding!

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The current format is only a stand-in for a more comprehensive approach which takes more time to develope.
However given it’s “scientific computing” it’s not an introduction to Python and will be hella confusing if you don’t already know the basics of programming and Python syntax as well. It only is one question because that’s how the site attributes progress - however the questions in all video-courses are more like “have you been listening at all”, they are not testing the entire content of the video.

For a start, do the Javascript course - it’s with a built-in codebase and goes much more in depth. And JS is similar enough to Python so that the switch later shouldn’t be a problem.

Thank you everyone for the replies.
I am currently doing a quasi-bootcamp in the UK (hugely wide-ranging, mainly AWS re/Start but with programming too) and the next project on that is to create a Python-based app. I have some amount of coding knowledge with JS (and even did some Python before). I’m able to create functions, text based games, things like that.
I was just a little confused by these videos going through everything so fast but with no real direction to implement what he’s talking about.
Maybe I’m just too used to receiving direct instructions “OK after this video do A, B, C” etc.


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Yeah the real challenge is at the end of the course with the projects. There you will need to actually use what was taught as well as look for additional resources.

Before that, it’s really just introducing a lot of stuff with some examples.

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