The day a bloke rolled another dice

Let me introduce Little Lio, a young bloke who is roaming around on this football we call planet earth.

After dropping out of college 2 times(he was very unhappy) he pulled himself together and started again two and a half years ago at the age of 20.
After being terribly sick during the complete first semester he still managed to achieve the unthinkable and pass for all his classes. Still there was no feeling of satisfaction.

He started a job on the side in a car factory and there it was a feeling of joy in daily life, a feeling of gratification when going to sleep. Nonetheless college was still there, although he didn’t had to study that much to pass, he started thinking: Is this really the way? the only way? because “without a degree your life will suck”.

He decided to take the plunge 5 months ago, life > college . he is working in a restaurant now and earning good money. But booooy did he discover FCC/coding this week. Eager to see what he will be doing in a couple of months! :wink:

it has been a long time since i was this motivated about something.

kind regards


Keep that energy up. It can be daunting and frustrating. At times it can feel isolated, too. Find the people that love it with you. You’ve got a big jump by being here with like minded people. Don’t feel bad about being too tired for a few days or even a few weeks. Get back in there. Life can come at you fast and sometimes it pushes this stuff back, but you can get right back in.