The DEADMAU5 Tribute!

I tried to keep it clean, and maintain a theme. Let me know what you think, and what you’d add/get rid of. Thanks!

Tribute Page

Bear in mind that I haven’t fully completed/understood how to make the webpage fully responsive, regarding mobile/tablet sized monitors etc. So if you have any knowledge of such and are willing to point me in the right direction on implementation, that would be highly appreciated.

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Dude this looks awesome!

Thanks! I just need to figure out how to make it responsive :frowning:

Very Nice, I am enjoying the nav bar. x


I do like a bit of Deadmau5!

in regards to responsivness you should start with bootstrap (easiest) or flexbox (easy).

Bootstrap is a framework which employs flexbox for layout but also includes gadgets like sliders and nice responsive nav bars. You risk all your sites looking bootstrappy and your HTML could end up more like HTMHELL with divs and classes everywhere but that hardly matters at this stage. You can get up and running quickly with it though. You can even get themes for it.

Flex box is a CSS method for making responsive layouts. You get full control of your layout if you use it raw along with Media Queries, rather than bootstrap, but your also on your own when you want to create that nice nav or slider. personally I love flexbox.

I don’t really know any good bootstrap tutorials because I never really dived that deep into it. There’s always bootstraps website or w3schools

For flexbox, you could start here to see if you like the look of it and I can highly recommend this book

Excellent tribute page! It has a clean look to it which is always good. My recommendation would be to make the menu bar opaque and not transparent as the menu items get obfuscated by the body text when you scroll.

And as mentioned earlier, Bootstrap will help with the responsiveness.