The differences between Bootstrap3 and Bootstrap4 are Crazy

I just can’t believe how different these two versions are. FCC teaches Bootstrap3 and that’s what I should of stayed with when I started my Portfolio page because there is just way to much to learn in Bootstrap4 imo.

I don’t understand why they even changes the calls? Like the go from well to card. btn-default is btn-secondary. I could just go on and on. I thinks it’s so stupid and I feel like someones gonna come out and take Bootstraps place because of all this dickery.

I don’t know, I just feel like making a TON of changes to something so integral to the way were learning and coding is stupid.

I went back and started my Portfolio from scratch and I’m using Bootstrap3 like we learned in FCC Front End Development.

There are quite some changes, but that is why this is Bootstrap 4 and not Bootstrap 3.3.8. You can still use Bootstrap 3 if you like and I would recommend everybody who just learned version 3 to do that. Once you have done some projects with it, you will find that changing to Bootstrap 4 is actually not that hard.

Note that Bootstrap 3 has been around for over 4 years, so if you learn Bootstrap 4 you will most likely be good for the next few years.

Hello I understand your feelings :wink: but there is no way to change this reality; the open source world and development in general is full of similar examples (angular1 and angular2 strust , spring and a lot of frameworks libraries that changed radically over version). so this problem with bootstrap is a good thing to learn to deal with those situations;and go on :slight_smile:
courage and best wishes.

yea it’s all good. just feels so messed up man. no big deal.
you guys wana help me with my col’s real quick @BenGitter @nourabousoha???

There is a lot to be liked about Bootstrap 4, particularly when you start using flex boxes. The rules and components in Bootstrap 4 is are also more modern.

It’s really nobody’s fault. Many people depend on Bootstrap and those changes would like not have made it through if they were strongly objected by the community. On the other hand, the current fCC curriculum is actually outdated and many people are working hard behind the scenes to bring you an updated one.

One should be extra careful when critising open source software and when one is learning. To a lot of people it’s a passion, and what you did there is effectively crapping on them for putting in an effort to give everyone something for free.

you are welcome anytime man :wink:

If your refering to me criticizing opensource @honmanyauI i would advise against that.
As a born and bred American I take my freedoms of speeech very seriously.
Also, criticism is a great way to open dialogue which is EXACTLY what this forum is for. :slight_smile:

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I didn’t critic open source i just described a reality of developer’s changing world unlike other jobs,

i know @nourabousoha. @honmanyau’s whilin!
Got’s to have us some open source!!
how about thos col’s though lol

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