The differences of ipython, Kernel , python backend

Hi Everyone! i want to know the differences of ipython, Kernel , python backend

Hi Assala, welcome to the community. I think someone better-suited to answer this question will step in soon, but I appreciate you asking this question.

Hi @assala

IPython is a monolith application for all things Python. It is predominantly used by researchers especially those requiring data analysis, machine learning, and parallel computing. It is one of easiest ways to get up and running with the popular tool Jupyter too. Another similar tool is Anaconda. The three above mentioned tools are best for intermediate and above Python developers that want easy access to the best data science tools available.

I do not know which kernel you are referring to; however, by definition, a “python kernel” is a program that runs user’s code. There are many available kernels (IPython, Jupyter notebooks) including the one that comes with downloading Python.

I do not know what you are referring to in regards to the python backend. If you mean backend development using Python i’d recommend checking out Django or Flask libraries. They were the most popular when I muddled in backend python dev – I don’t know what is considered the “best” at the moment though.

Hope this helps!

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