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I was stuck at this challenge for about 2 days and I finally figure out solution trying lot of things, but I am still confused that when I trued const arr=rangeOfNumbers(startNum++, endNum); it didn’t work so I was wondering about what is the different between startNum++ , startNum+1 , startNum+=1 , ++startNum
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function rangeOfNumbers(startNum, endNum) {
      const arr=rangeOfNumbers(startNum+1, endNum);

   return arr; }else{  return [];}

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startNum is a location in memory.
Saying startNum+1 means you want to fetch the number stored in startNum and add 1 to it. But it doesn’t store that value back in memory. It just produces a new number in a different part of memory.
startNum remains unchanged in this current scope.

startNum+=1 is syntactic sugar equivalent to writing startNum = startNum + 1;
Obviously this will modify the value of startNum in memory (that’s what the assignment operator does) In this scope startNum becomes 1 larger than it used to be.

The other too are also syntactic sugar. And also modify the value in memory.
Though one modifies it before being passed and the other after.
++startNum and startNum++ are the same in the current scope in your case though. They are different for the rangeOfNumbers produced though. (As the prefix version will start the range one bigger than the postfix one I believe)

Hope this helps somewhat.

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