The Dilemma of Self Learning and Academic Education

Some time ago, there was a discussion on Coding Communities between which is better Computer Science students or Self Learners, and among the points mentioned in academic education is the importance of its fields such as Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering compared to the Web field, especially with the demand for it only because it is one of the highest online jobs currently available in terms of the wage, which was definitely negative, and despite my attachment to the web field, I did not find an answer to raise it or defend the position of the web within me. I want to know from people like me and in the same field. Do you see what is the importance of the web in the midst of other large fields such as these?

Do you need to? Isn’t because you prefer web field enough? And I don’t think these should be compared in the first place, all of them do something different.

Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering compared to the Web field

You have more the freedom to choose your work conditions in web field, as far as I know, your notably options in A.I is Google and in software engineering is idk to be honest I didn’t care🤣.

So in web field, your skillset will be wanted everywhere, and it isn’t gated behind expensive hardware, or limited job places.

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I agree with you, but any way I will continue my work because I love it but I did not find a good answer in me to highlight the importance of the web, I loved hearing different answers from the eyes of people who are passionate about the same field to make my own answer.

I think two questions are being conflated here

  1. Are university taught developers better than boot camp taught or self taught developers?

No. They have different backgrounds. University training gives you a broader background and that can make it easier to get a first job, but with experience, developers are just developers.

  1. Is web development less of a programming discipline than others?

No. Some specific fields of programming need special training, but software development is software development. Elitism is just silly.


Exactly man, you got me, thanks for your opinion.

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