The documentation

Hello again!

I have been working on the curriculum lately.
And then I discovered the documentation. Is it normal to look at the documentation while coding, for instance node?

the most normal thing ever, you can’t remember everything that there is in a language. Consulting documentation often is not just allowed, is even expected.

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That’s how people make things. If you don’t look at the instructions for how use a piece of software (or, say, build a piece of furniture or make a complex recipe, or whatever complex task needs to be performed), you can maybe figure it out but it’ll probably take you many times longer. If you’ve already made something similar many, many times before then, sure, you can likely do it without instructions, otherwise doing so is not smart.

Programming basically lets you build small machines out of code that make a computer do something (programs). There are now uncountable numbers of these machines which you can use, all of which work slightly differently. You can figure out how they work from basic first principles, or you can read the instructions to understand how they work