The Fall and Rise of Code Radio

Hello, I think you should add a chat feature that can be enabled and disabled. Its fun to interact with other listeners :slight_smile:

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I visit freecodecamp 10 days in a row, and been active since 1-2 years Quincy, but had no idea the radio existed even, maybe you can put some ads about the radio? just a thought!!

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I’m so sorry to hear about Youtube being… Youtube to you guys. I’m glad to see though that you guys didn’t just give up and are continuing to push forward.

One suggestion I might recommend for mobile devices is not having the option to turn off the video feed though and just have music run.

I love what you guys are doing, keep it up!!!

P.S I’ve want to support and Code Radio but am not currently in a position to donate the standard way, does it help you guys for me to send BAT through the Brave Browser? Thanks, best of luck.

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If you can’t donate right now, that’s totally fine.
If you want to contribute, see
Donating is just one way of helping FCC, but there are other things too :slight_smile:


Ok, But can I donate to them with BAT using Brave, they are a verified publisher.

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Thanks, but does contribute through BAT help though? I’ve heard many issues where it can be hard for site owners to transfer received BAT into a full currency.

If that is so, may as well donate a bag of air.
I had a go at using Brave, but Rewards never worked; always “Coming Soon”. Anyway, I’d rather not see any ads than replaced ads.

First off, big thanks for running this radio station, it has been keeping me company at work for a while now.

I’m not an expert in hosting internet radio, although I let SceneSat Radio run a relay on my server before, but $1000 / month seems extremely steep to me. From what I can tell, the main expense of self-hosting should be traffic. Doing the math, 14 million minutes of music at 128kbps means ~14TB / month. An entry-level Hetzner cloud server for ~3€/mo comes with 20TB of monthly traffic included. If you can find a couple of similarly cheap hosting providers around the globe for more efficient routing and redundancy, you’re still a good deal below 100€/mo.

Also, I would recommend looking into a better selection of codecs. 64kbps mp3 really sounds quite bad, while HE-AAC and Opus are very acceptable at the same bitrate. At 128kbps most codecs sound OK, but mp3 is still worse than AAC and Opus, and Vorbis can also be recommended at that higher bitrate. More information and links to tests can be found here:

Really the only good reason to offer mp3 anymore is compatibility for the few devices which cannot process more modern alternatives. In the major browsers, support for AAC seems equivalent to that of MP3 (according to

Welcome back to the forum. Yes - I totally agree. We’re looking into chat options. We want the chat to be moderated, and we don’t want people to have to sign into yet another service.

Welcome to the community.

Thanks for your feedback. I hadn’t heard of this service. ~3€/mo with 20TB of bandwidth is extremely generous. We may consider moving over to a service like this.

Also, regarding different codecs - yes - we need to convert all our files into OGG or some other format.

Welcome back to the forum.

Great question. If you use Brave and use freeCodeCamp, you can passively donate some or your BAT to us through that. It is only pennies per hour of use, and no substitute for a donations, but every little bit helps.

We would much rather keep freeCodeCamp an ad-free experience for everyone.

Understood, thank you!

I know I’m picky, but can you also ad back the animation in the fish tank ?
The rest is really awesome and thank you for taking this back up :slight_smile:
Much respect to the makers :bowing_man:

The fish tank required a significant increase in .gif file size. This wasn’t an issue when we were streaming on YouTube, but now that we serve the .gif file as part of the page, it isn’t worth the megabyte increase in page size just for a few frames of animated fish. We may be able to work them back in the future, though.

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Big thanks for bringing the code radio to us and making it better and better :slight_smile:
I noticed the animation is not visible on Firefox.

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Thanks for your kind words, and for letting me know Code Radio wasn’t working in Firefox.

We’re going in and working to fix this.

Also, welcome to the forum. I hope to see more of you around here :slight_smile:

Hey Quincy,

Thanks for bringing back the FreeCodeCamp Radio! I was wondering if there’s anything that I (or the community) can contribute technical wise for the radio. I haven’t been able to find the repo for the radio and it would be great if someone like myself could contribute some source code to it!

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Welcome back, Pikochu. I remember you from the early days.

Yes - we’re working on getting all kinds of clients built around Code Radio - ideally even mobile apps. We’d welcome your help with this.