The Fall and Rise of Code Radio

The fish tank required a significant increase in .gif file size. This wasn’t an issue when we were streaming on YouTube, but now that we serve the .gif file as part of the page, it isn’t worth the megabyte increase in page size just for a few frames of animated fish. We may be able to work them back in the future, though.

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Big thanks for bringing the code radio to us and making it better and better :slight_smile:
I noticed the animation is not visible on Firefox.

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Thanks for your kind words, and for letting me know Code Radio wasn’t working in Firefox.

We’re going in and working to fix this.

Also, welcome to the forum. I hope to see more of you around here :slight_smile:

Hey Quincy,

Thanks for bringing back the FreeCodeCamp Radio! I was wondering if there’s anything that I (or the community) can contribute technical wise for the radio. I haven’t been able to find the repo for the radio and it would be great if someone like myself could contribute some source code to it!

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Welcome back, Pikochu. I remember you from the early days.

Yes - we’re working on getting all kinds of clients built around Code Radio - ideally even mobile apps. We’d welcome your help with this.


Yeah. Maybe even an API?
Also, I had an idea about mobile apps for Developer News. :slight_smile:

For Mobile apps, I recommend Ionic. You don’t need all that native code – just JavaScript which spits out Android, iOS, Desktop (Electron, so Windows, Mac, Linux), and PWAs.

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Maybe you could create a “radio” link in the navigation … I only stumbled upon the new platform because I couldn’t find it anymore on youtube and started googling … but for someone who doesn’t yet know and love it I guess it’s hard to discover. Great that you could build your own thing so quickly! Thanks for all the work and good music.

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Thanks for tuning in.

Yes - our redesign has a link to Code Radio right in the navigation :slight_smile:

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Hey Quincy, I’m surprised you still remember me! Great to see you (Sorry for the long response time, I had an injury that took a few days to recover)/

And I’ll see what I can provide to the radio! :slight_smile:

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I have problems with the new … sometime it goes silence and I need to refresh to make it work again… anyone knows why?


Which data stream are using? Is it one of the relays?

Hi, I’ve had it happen with the 128 kbps non-relay, and I think the 128 kbps relay. Not 100% on that last one.

A few weeks ago it was happening to me once or twice per day. Hasn’t happened in a while, now.

OK - thanks for confirming. We do occasionally experience that on the non-relay, but my understanding is it shouldn’t happen on the relay version. If you do notice it happening on the relay version, please let me know.

Fixing this issue is on our long, long list of things to do :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I’ll keep an eye out for it and will let you know.

Incidentally, is there a way to stream Code Radio without using a browser? I’d love to listen to it in the car. Any plans to add it to Apple Music or anything like that? :slight_smile:

Edit: I see a few posts back that you’re working on getting “all kinds of clients” working with Code Radio. So… terrific!

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Great question. There is at least one way to listen to Code Radio without a browser. Take a look at this:


Glad to see it’s back up! Already listening to it on my phone now and it’s wonderful to not have to have the screen on. Only suggestion I’d have is to make some type of announcement on the YouTube channel, as I would have never known that Code Radio survived if I wasn’t lucky enough to catch this thread.

Thank you for the hard work to keep the beats alive!

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This worked perfectly and runs very smoothly through the VLC iOS app!

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From the “give an inch, take a mile” department, is there any way to have Code Radio send VLC song metadata? I find that with the web client I constantly switch to it to see what the artist is. It would be such a nice feature to have that data sent along with the audio stream. :slight_smile:


I love FCC! Are we allowed to run FCC in the background for a Twitch livestream? With credit and link to the radio of course. Just wondering!