The first steps, portals? , small jobs? where to go?

HI my friends!
I am sure this question was asked a lot of time before, but I didn`t find a satisfying answer so maybe I ask it in a very direct way.
First of all, FCC is a great place to learn coding and manage some challenges. But this is only the beginning of a journey of code. My question is very simple.

Does anyone of you know some portals or website where it is possible to earn money with small programming jobs. Well I know there a many of them in the www but if you don`t mind please share your experience with me and maybe we all can have a good output of this discussion.

Because in the end we all want to have a good time in coding…
All he best and my the syntax error stay away from us. :slight_smile:
Cheers Mchoeti

I’ve never done small programming jobs for money, so I can’t advise you there. However, if you’re just looking for advice on how to get your feet wet and start building your confidence and experience I would urge you to consider contributing to an open source project when you’re able (maybe even free code camp). You should be able to find GitHub issues as simple as “this link takes you to the wrong page” or as open ended as “redesign this form to be more user-friendly”. If you don’t need to be getting money for it, this is the best way to work on small jobs.

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I will recommend you to check out which i heard from #codenewbies podcast