The folks we all like to watch on youtube

Evening all (this is time specific, its currently 20:35… i understand you may not be in the UK… if thats the case… good morning?)


I’ve got quite a few people on youtube that I’ve subscribed to on youtube, useful for snippets of inspiration, theres obviously the standard traversy, a little known one called FreeCodeCamp, people like Dylan Israel and net ninja.

But i thought i’d throw it out there, and see if theres any gems out there i may have missed.

So come on people, don’t be shy!

Waw they cover a lot of things ! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

I don’t know if they are gem but I’m currently digging these 2 : dcode and coding artist

What do you mean by “gem” ? Do you search for tutorials or advices or stories or inspiration a little bit of all of that ?


those 2 you posted are the exact sort of things i’m talking about. its always nice to see how other people code/set things up. theres always several avenues to the same conclusion, if that makes sense. so its always nice to be able to get other ideas

Nice ! If I find something else, I share it.
I hope you do the same

Or someone else in add ?


I’d like to watch Computerphile just to find out about some theoretical and practical (more on the practical part for me) history of computer science and why certain things exists and why things are they way it is in computer engineering.


Kevin Powell Channel

Have a nice day !


A few more that i’m subscribed to:

Stefan Mischook
Web Dev Simplified
Coder Coder
Dev Ed
Online web ustaad

That should keep you busy for the weekend!

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Ouuuuuuuuhhhh yes :star_struck: Fury
Note / Should I precise this one is a muscial mood ?

Hey all !

What did you watched this week-end ? I meand did you focus on a special part ? Did you try to achieve something related to the video tutorials ?

Have a nice week !