The freeCodeCamp Podcast Ep. 47 - Laurence Bradford - interview with the creator of

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On today's episode, Quincy Larson interviews Laurence Bradford. She's the creator the blog and podcast, and the Newbie Coder Warehouse Facebook group.

As a college student, Laurence was so technologically illiterate that her school made her take a remedial computer class. This made her doubt that she had a future in technology. And she ended up studying Economics instead, and moving to Asia to work in economic development.

Years later, Laurence decided to learn some basic web development skills. She found a help-wanted ad on Craigslist and landed her first gig as a freelance developer.

Since then, Laurence has worked as a developer and a product manager. She's written extensively about technology and programming in Forbes and on her blog. And she's interviewed nearly 100 developers on her podcast.

Interview by Quincy Larson:

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Just finished. Didn’t even know there is a freeCodeCamp podcast now. I listened to Learn To Code With Me a lot about 1-2 years ago. Laurence is a great fit for the freeCodeCamp audience. She talked a lot about winding (alternative) career paths and finding a way into the tech industry. Definitly spoke to me. Generally I like how people from different channels are collaborating. Like Dylan Israel and many others. Is there a trend? Maybe its just me. Anyhow a great development.

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