The frustration of learning to code

Hi there,

Hope this message find you all well.

I am brand new in this world, that doesn’t make me new in computers. I have computer since I have memory, and I have to say that my best memories are trying to make computers work after they get broken for any reason.

I have dealing with stuff in my free time for ever, and my passion for programming started in an early age.

I really do not have the time I wish to have to study. I work, every day, long hours with a very limited access to internet. (I work on a cruise ship). And, I wished I had the chance to learn before, now I have all this challenges and so little time to learn, and everything seems so HARD and IMPOSSIBLE to make it work.

And I have to ask, and wait for replies, and practice until I can get internet and read the replies and realized that the answer is just out of my acknowledge, and I can’t understand those answers!

Should I just stop this and probably re-take it when I have the time to?

When would you have time? If you wait, will you have more opportunity, or will you have just wasted more time in waiting? I assume you have a laptop - take programming books with you. I like the HeadFirst series, and their JavaScript book was great when I was learning the basics. There are plenty of others. You can keep copies of popular libraries on your hard drive, too - React, Bootstrap, jQuery, D3, etc. They’re just files you download and include on a webpage later.

We take the internet for granted, and you have this challenge that most of us are safe from, but I wouldn’t never advise you to stop. There’s lots you can do on your own without an internet connection.