The future of Junior developers after AI revolution

Amusingly, AMD has been as honest and open about the release timeline for Zen 5 as they can be

Publishing safety data is a pretty basic expectation of car manufacturers. Tesla just doesn’t like to be transparent the way the rest of the auto industry does.

The safety data Tesla has is known but they don’t want to tell us. The release date of Zen 5 is less certain but AMD is communicating with us timelines.

In my experience juniors don’t do insubstantial work. They do build features and do complex tasks, but require more feedback/support in order to complete those tasks.

Chatgpt and copilot are great aids for this kind of work. But they can’t do the work for you.

These tools are oftentimes wrong, and you need to have the skills and knowledge to know whether they’re spitting out the correct or wrong answer.


Many people do it. It’s ok.

I had a conversation with one guy in real life. He works at a company that is not very serious. Every day his boss says him to make the same thing. He gives him many many dead websites which were last time updated many years ago. Web sites which don’t work from 2000’s, there are tables instead of flexboxes or grids. His boss finds these dead web sites at Wayback Machine. Now these dead websites can’t work on modern hardware and software because of compatibility issues. So the job of this guy is to repair these dead websites so they would be able to work again. It’s super duper easy but he needs a lot of time to check everything, every not working element. And this company sells these resurrected web sites for a little money. When this guy asks his boss for ok work, work which is more interesting and difficult he says: “You are a Junior developer, not a Senior! Seniors have skills, Juniors have time.”

Not true.

I mean a month and a day, not a year.

That’s their right.

Juniors also.

Juniors don’t have enough of that.

This thread has run it’s course and is unproductive now.