The future of Junior developers after AI revolution

A few years ago I started to learn HTML, CSS and JS but I was forced to brake my learning because I became a victim of a serious crime, a bus driver cut a few of my fingers with a knife, so I needed a long time to healing and rehabilitation. During this time I have no ability to use a keyboard. Plus after that, I got a serious mental illness. But now my fingers and brain are doing well. I forget almost all that I learned a few years ago so I decided to start learning web development again from zero.
But, I have a new challenge, and not only me, I think all developers of Entry and Junior levels have it also. That is the AI revolution that started recently.
To find a job for developers without experience was a huge challenge for decades, but obviously, it was always possible. But what be in a few years?
I understand that AI never will be able to replace any Senior developers. But I’m not sure about Juniors. Sam Altman said: “GPT-4 designed to do tasks, not jobs”. But that is what Juniors do. In most companies Junior developers are just helpers of Senior and Middle developers. They do all tasks which don’t require a lot of skills but require a lot of time. And now we have GPT-4 and even GitHub Copilot X which is based on it.
I found out that for Senior developers GitHub Copilot X even now is more useful than a couple of Junior developers, and OpenAI and Microsoft continue to improve it.
And I’m really scared, I’m scared to be not employable after I learned web development. Because it’s unreal to become a Middle developer without being a Junior developer for a while. For example, for Junior web developers a great position is HTML-coder, but I think GPT-4 will delete this position from job market soon.
Definitely, developers who are related to data analytics, data science, python, etc. have great potential in the future. But I’m not very interested in that.
I think about this issue a lot and have anxiety because of that. Should I change the direction of programming learning or just calm down?


Hey @Kristal9 :wave: .

Ok now that is really bad.

I know the pain you faced, I know there will be lot of pain during the time of healing.

Yep you are true AI revolution has started.

Yes you are kinda right.

True AI isn’t that smart to do that.

I agree.

I don’t think so, because junior developers are given tasks that suit their capacity (potential). It depends on your senior or your team leader. If your team leader is cooperative, it shouldn’t be that much hard.

True. Many people are using them right now (Including me ). But AI can never replace a human. Because they are too easy to trick. I mean it doesn’t stand on a word, it keeps changing its answers (sometimes). I literally confused and trolled chatgpt.

GPT is really bad at CSS. It means it could create a web page which looks like it was created in the 2000s.
It is true GPT doesn’t properly know CSS which junior developers can do it better than AI.

Just Calm Down

Also can you say the answer to this question:

ChatGPT or GPT-3 or GPT-4 was created by whom?

  • A junior developer in the past. A senior developer now
  • It was created by itself
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Don’t panic. AI won’t replace human programmers any time soon.

Ehhh… Not quite. Juniors aren’t accomplishing mere tasks in the way Altman uses the term.

Citation needed

Which is a big part of why we need Juniors. This is a big part of why wee needed Juniors for decades.

It’s hard to find someone to pay you to only write HTML and zero JS or CSS. That sort of role has already been replaced many years ago.

Luckily, that’s a small, technical subfield of programming and there’s tons of other subfields.


I’m sure GPT-5 or 6 will be much better in it.

It’s too hard when I chat with GPT-4 and see its abilities.

The world before ChatGPT and after is 2 different things.

What do you mean?

Yes, for decades, because all these decades we haven’t had ChatGPT.

HTML-coder is a role for HTML and CSS.

What do you mean?

You made a claim with zero context. I’m curious about who said that and why they said it. Can you link to where someone said that?

No. We have needed Juniors for decades because it’s the only way to make Senior devs. It’s impossible to make a Senior dev without starting with a Junior dev and turning them into a Senior dev.

Still not a full time job. Was replaced decades ago.

I mean just that. Math focused programming is a tiny subset of the total programming jobs out there.

My gut tells me that.

Most employers are not enough socially responsible. They don’t wanna grow Seniors, they just are looking for Seniors who are grown by someone another.

But a good opportunity to get experience.

I mean this stuff is related to AI creation so people who create AI will be employable during all AI revolution.

Ok, but that’s not enough though. We can’t accept ‘gut’ as truth about how the industry is currently operating. We need data.

Citation needed. Lots of dev teams have Juniors. Can you point us to some data showing that most teams hire zero Juniors?

Lots of companies won’t hire underqualified Juniors, and unfortunately there are a lot of underqualified Juniors who haven’t learned enough to be successful.

Senior devs are really expensive because they are a limited resource. Qualified Juniors on a team with some Senior devs can accomplish more than a team with the equivalent total salary but consisting only of overloaded Senior devs.

I see lots of listings for companies hiring Juniors:

Not really. Its an opportunity that doesn’t exist, so it can’t give you experience. People don’t hire Juniors to only write HTML and CSS anymore. They haven’t for decades.

Or, really to be more precise, those roles exist, but they are a small fraction compared to the total number of programming jobs.

Sure, but there are lots and lots of programming jobs out there other than those jobs related to AI. AI hasn’t eliminated those jobs yet.

I’m afraid it will do this in the near future.

Yup. And experts are telling you it won’t happen soon.

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I agree GPT-5 or 6 will be better but we humans could be better than that. I could literally prove it. GPT isn’t a human. It cannot think like us, solve like us, it doesn’t have emotions. Sometimes AI can go crazy can just ruin everything.


But you no need to worry about AI replacing junior developers. Just stay calm and code on.

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Just calm down and start learning as you see that chatgpt is limited and sometime it gives wrong answers according to my experience. AI will not replace human intelligence. Do you know who created AI? Of course answer will be human. So how can you say that human created things will replace human but my experience says that this all going to help you to make your job easy.

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It depends on our skills.

It’s not a shortcoming. Air drones are not humans also, but they delivers Amazon boxes very well, even better than delivery guys/girls.

It’s a 100% pro for coding.

Humans also.

Just like humans.

Do you know who created self-driven cars? Humans also. Do you think taxi drivers are happy about that?

It seems like you don’t want to be convinced. It’s ok if you no longer want to learn programming because you don’t trust our expert judgement that AI will not replace programmers any time soon. It’s also OK if you just don’t want to learn programming anymore for any other reason.

Its just a little odd to ask a question if you are not interested in our expert judgement.

AI just isn’t a ‘pro’ at coding. It’s not going to replace all Junior programmers.

I trust 100%, I just discuss. Forums are created for discussions, not Q&A format.

It’s 100% false. Even if every person in this world would say me that AI will replace all Junior and even Middle programmers in the next week I will learn programming.

I never said that. When I used the term “pro” I was meaning absolutely another thing. Often when I see a comparison of something on the internet I see the phrase “pros and cons”. “Pro” is an antonym of “con”. So I said that not having emotions is a very good thing for coding. It’s a pro, not a con.

What if the winds are strong? What if it is raining heavily? A drone would just get messed up and your delivery would be delayed or cancelled . But a truck delivery man can even deliver in rain. Also, some naughty kid or some mad guy just shot the drone for fun or something, What about now? What about the delivery?

Really? I don’t agree it is 100% pro. It is just good or helpful.

Would a taxi driver do that :point_up:. Of course here I refer to a general taxi driver not some stupid driver.

Explain that to Amazon’s employers, not to me.

I never said that. When I used the term “pro” I was meaning absolutely another thing. Often when I see a comparison of something on the internet I see the phrase “pros and cons”. “Pro” is an antonym of “con”. So I said that not having emotions is a very good thing for coding. It’s a pro, not a con.

Most people who use Tesla’s autopilot sleep while it is driving and they are satisfied and happy. Note, Tesla’s autopilot does wrong actions 1 time per billions of journeys and every ten human drivers is drunk.

Tesla’s cars have many well documented problems

Citation needed. If you make claims like that, you really should show data indicating that this information is true.

Data from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System indicated that 1.2% of adults drove after having too much to drink in the past 30 days in 2020. This resulted in an estimated 127 million episodes of alcohol-impaired driving among US adults.

I don’t think its actually true that 10% of human drivers are drunk. (or whichever percentage you meant by “every 10”?)

Its really hard to get accurate data about Tesla since they actively hide their safety statistics:

You are off by a factor of at least 1,000 in your guess:

Though, this is old data and reportedly Tesla has had a sharp increase in accidents since 2021.

The data is complicated and not a great comparison because it compares all cars to just Teslas, so it includes much older cars with far fewer safety features. In any case, optimistically it looks like the Tesla autopilot “only” gets in 6-9x more accidents than humans.

The drone delivery service of Amazon is currently tiny.

Considering the very difficult working conditions for Amazon drivers, I would suspect they wouldn’t mind a reduced workload:

This thread seems to be meandering at this point. You may or may not agree, but I believe we’ve answered the original question:

AI isn’t going to take all our jobs. We still need Junior developers. If you want a job in programming, just keep working and don’t panic. AI is just the latest in a long list of trends.

You’re making an assumption here. This isn’t my experience.

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Human drivers also.

I understand you’re a math guy and love ultra exactness, but I’m not a math guy and make statements only from my life experience, obviously they are not exact.

Maybe yes, maybe no. I just meant that cases of drunk driving are not rare.

It’s just confidential information of this company. You can ask Lisa Su when Zen 5 CPUs will be released she will not answer you but she knows the answer.

Definitely I will do.

It’s hard.

Many companies, many team leaders, many experiences.

You can’t guess at data and say it’s true. I mean, you can, and you do, but it’s not helpful for making accurate decisions. You are making statements that just don’t agree with what the data actually says. It isn’t about ‘ultra exactness’. It’s about correctness.

Making decisions based upon wrong information can lead to some pretty incorrect decisions.

Which companies? Which team leaders? Where can we read about these experiences?

You are making assertions about the software industry that don’t agree with the experiences of people here on the forum that work in the software industry. It would help if you can tell us who says the industry works this way.