The how to place an image

I can’t get the cat image to work and I’m getting frustrated.

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I’m on the first part of HTML when you have to put the freecatphotoapp as an image

<img src=“” alt=“A business cat wearing a tie.”>

In the future please use the Ask For Help button.

Also, when asked to post your code it’s best if you post all of your code rather than one line.

From what you’ve posted you are not using the correct url.
Revisit the lesson and use the url that mentioned in the task. Not the sample url from the lesson.

In the future, please provide the challenge link so we can help you.
I have edited your post to include the link.
As mentioned, you can use the ask for help button which provides all of your code and the challenge link.

In addition to the wrong url here

You are using the wrong types of quotes.
Programming uses straight quotes like these ""
You need to turn off smart quotes on your device.

Make sure the reread the directions more carefully so you use the correct url.
Here are the directions again
Now set the src attribute so that it points to the url

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