The <img> element should responsively resize, relative to the width of its parent element, without exceeding its original size.!


I’ve tried to search the forum for answers but I can’t seem to find one that exactly matches my problem.

I’m not sure how to solve the above on my tribute page, I’ve only been learning 2 months but I’m getting there I think :slight_smile:

Any help would be appreciated!




If you click on the red “Tests 9/10” button, you get a list of tests with error messages for the ones that are not passing.

For your issue:

The test is looking for your CSS to set the display property to block on your image.

Hi thank you for your reply.

This has solved the matter!

I did try that but it didn’t work. I must of done something wrong.

Thanks again!

look again, there may be more than one issue for which the test is not passing

also your last media query is missing the cloisng }

EDIT: many of them
use the analyse CSS tool


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Ah yes I did notice that the <a> element contained the <figcaption> and I changed that whilst I was waiting for a reply.

The analyse CSS tool is exactly what I need! Thank you for that!!

I only found out how to format the code about 2 days ago and I’m already two months into learning!

Did someone comment sections out as it seems to of gone now?

Thanks again

I don’t understand this question